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Presque Isle Township
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The Presque Isle Township
Parks and Recreation Committee and the
Zoning Board of Appeals is looking to fill open seat vacancies.
If you are interested in becoming a board or committee member, please send a letter of interest to:
Cynthia Paavola, PITWP Clerk
12653 E. Grand Lake Rd.
Presque Isle, MI. 49777
or by email to:


FOIA Request Information
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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

                                                                                                                                                   Your new Presque Isle Township Board of Trustees is composed of experienced and new members. Returning members include Cynthia Paavola, Clerk, Jennifer Wieczorkowski, Treasurer, Lynn Morrison, Trustee while the new members are Larry Fields, Supervisor and Bart Hellmuth, Trustee.


The new Board faces a number of issues. Two primary activities include the reinstatement of the Presque Isle Township Fire Department to a fully equipped and functional fire department. The implementation of quality cellular telephone service and fiber optic internet service to ALL Presque Isle Township residents is also a priority. Both will require patience due to financial restraint in the case of the Fire Department while financial contributions by independent corporation(s) are necessary for improving communication services. These are impediments, not barriers.


Be assured that YOUR Board will do all in their power to continue and enhance the

unique and awesome "Presque Isle Experience.”


Larry Fields


Presque Isle Township                                                                                                                                                                       

Meet your new Township Supervisor!






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Our Mission:
To protect and enhance Presque Isle Township’s cultural, ecological, and recreational amenities for residents and visitors, and to balance the protection and enjoyment of the natural beauty of our township while expanding opportunities for our community. We work together for the common good of the Township and to promote it as a destination of choice for tourists, an attractive locale for homes, and for environmentally friendly businesses.


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